Bride Wedding Bouquet Style


Holding flowers is essential at the wedding. It can be said that the main decoration of the bride’s flowers, a radiant bouquet of flowers can immediately enhance the bride’s shape, and is praised by everyone. According to the stylist, in terms of color and technique, the bouquets around the world tend to be simple and elegant.

The green leaves, fruits, and ivy replace the traditional pattern of lily and rose, which can also bring out the bride. Beautiful. In recent European weddings, it can even be seen that the bride in white gauze holds a bouquet of slightly modified white calla lilies or white lilies, and the fresh wind is very strong in the bride’s bouquet.

Common bridal bouquet styles are as follows,
(1) Flower Waterfall: This is the most common form of a bouquet. This waterfall-like bouquet usually has blooming flowers and decorative green leaves. The color is usually white, and the flowers are usually like roses, Dutch sea otters, lilies and so on. This bouquet looks visually loose and comfortable.
(2) A typical hand-tied bouquet: This is the use of many blooming flowers tied to the handlebars. This bouquet gives the impression of a spring flower just picked.
(3) Victoria Bouquet: This is made up of any small, cut bouquet of the same length. This bouquet is quite popular in the Victorian era: this bouquet is usually characterized by the same type of flowers and the same series of colors, and then with ribbon or lace to create a romantic and ingenious effect, in addition, this bouquet is very Less will use green leaves to make a match.
Generally, according to the bride’s choice to make a bouquet, it is not always possible to give professional advice, so the bride must learn how to choose the appropriate bouquet. According to the requirements of the wedding shooting, some photographers recommend that the style and size of the bouquet should be best coordinated with the bride’s height and clothing.

The short stature is round and small, and the slender body is drooped. The type and size of the bouquet, while the pursuit of fashion, personality, new people can choose the irregular selection of bouquets. In addition, the handshake should be comfortable, and the color of the bouquet is a mainly light color.

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