What Everyone Should Know About Addiction Treatment Programs


Finding the right addiction treatment program can be overwhelming. There are many different factors that play into whether or not a particular rehab program is right for you including the patient’s medical and psychiatric needs, financial status, and personal obstacles. All addiction treatment programs are different.

There are hundreds of them available throughout the United States, and it can be frustrating trying to figure out which one is right for you. The referral team at Recovery Connection can help you to find an addiction treatment program that is best fitted to your needs. The service has been helping people throughout the United States find respected and appropriate addition treatment centers for years. The service’s team is educated in the factors that make a rehab program successful and are familiar with the issues that an addict will face in finding a treatment right for him or her.

Medical detoxification refers to an addict being medically monitored to ensure that they are cleansing their body of drugs in a safe way. Typically, detox will take anywhere from three to ten days, depending upon the drug that the addict uses, how often the drug is used, and how long the patient has been addicted. Depending upon these factors, most people can become physically and psychologically dependent upon the drug.

When the drug use is abruptly discontinued, the addict may experience withdrawal symptoms such as cramping, sweats, anxiety, or even worse reactions like seizures may be present. Medications are provided to make the detox as painless as possible, and 24-hour nursing is available to monitor the addict’s detoxification. An addiction treatment center should have its own detox program in order to be the most successful.

A free-standing residential addiction treatment center refers to a stand-alone building that specializes in the treatment of addiction. Addicts reside in the center 24 hours a day and are under the care of addiction experts in order to make sure that their recovery is successful. Generally, patients will stay at a free-standing residential addiction treatment center for about twenty days up to six months.

A hospital-based addiction treatment program is located in a unit of a general hospital. This type of treatment program is best suited for a patient who has been dually diagnosed, meaning that in addition to their addiction, they have acute medical or psychiatric problems. Patients generally stay in these centers for a shorter period of time than they would stay in a free-standing residential addiction treatment center.

These are just some of the treatment centers that are available to addicts. The experts at Recovery Connection can help you to determine which center is right for you. Finding the right drug or alcohol rehab program can be stressful, so let the experts at Recovery Connection help. They’ll ensure that you are connected with the most suitable program for your needs.

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