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The Pro-Fitness Program has been designed to help every new member get knowledge and attain real fitness results. Through a thorough Fitness Consultation with one of our Fitness Professionals, you will be guided towards attaining your own personal fitness goals. Below is an outline of our unique program which takes away all the guesswork and gets you on the right path from day one.

Step 1. At the time of your registration, your Membership Coordinator will book an appointment for your initial consultation. At that point, you will be given an appointment booklet listing several pretest instructions. Please follow these instructions closely to ensure that your assessments are accurate. As well, you will be given our Prescription Fitness Program booklet to take home with you.

Step 2. At some time prior to your initial consultation, please complete both our health and fitness questionnaire and our PAR-Q (physical activity readiness questionnaire). If you have any questions while filling out the booklet, don’t hesitate to call us and ask for either your Membership Coordinator or for the Personal Training Department. Please bring this completed booklet with you to your initial consultation.

Step 3. On the day of your consultation, please arrive at our facility 15 to 20 minutes prior to your appointment. Ensure that you bring proper exercise attire/workout gear to the club. Please inform our Member Services Department that you have an appointment for your initial fitness consultation. Once again, make sure your Prescription Fitness Program booklet is completed prior to your arrival.

Step 4. Once changed, you will return to the PT Department waiting area where you will be met by one of our qualified Fitness Consultants. The consultation is scheduled for 1 hour and includes: a review of your health and fitness questionnaire; a review of your PAR-Q; a variety of assessments and measurements as outlined on the last page of the Prescription Fitness Program booklet (Fitness Assessment / Goals & Results – Do not fill this page out. It is to be filled out by the fitness consultant); an assessment on the workout floor to determine equipment knowledge; and a short demonstration of proper training technique and form (Do not complete the Consultant’s Prescription Sheet form).

Step 5. Once the Consultant has performed all assessments in the areas of body composition, cardiovascular endurance, exercise technique, and intensity, they will consult with you to design an individualized program and make recommendations as to the optimal program to ensure results.

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