The Best Wedding Dress for Your Zodiac


It’s good to know the most appropriate wedding dress according to your zodiac sign. Wedding is an important occasion and there’s no compromise over dress. Here you’ll get an insight about what suits you according to zodiac.


For Aries, sleek fabrics are the ultimate choice. They want subtle cuts that are not overly feminine or ornate. They can have simple yet elegant styles for their wedding dress. They want to stand out on their special day.


Venus rules Taurus that is a representative of creativity and beauty. Their ideal pick for wedding dress are delicate lace, floral motif and smooth silk. They love adding feminine style into their gown. Taurus bride is beautiful and timeless.


The brides with Capricorn traits are highly efficient, goal-oriented and driven. Their taste reflects simplicity with elegance. Go for unadorned fabrics. Avoid textured laces and shimmering decorative pieces.


The Gemini bride is fun-loving and adventurous. She is expressive when it comes to fashion. She likes to mix and match to create something extraordinarily attractive. In her wedding dress, you’ll see blend of textures, prints and fabrics.


Cancer bride prefers to stick to the old style. Her wedding gown is inspired by vintage designs that are eye-catching and dazzling. Laces, Victorian necklines, and corset style bodice are ideal for her. She is feminine and classic but not so stuffy. Long-sleeve gown and high collar are her favorite.


Leo brides tend to be dramatic and self-confident. She loves to grab the attention of guests with her bold style. Her gown is loaded with beads, sheer sparkle and volume to make her look stunning on the special occasion.


Virgo brides are simple and graceful. They have a keen eye for detail. An intricate pattern with embroidery and astonishing back detail will add unique twist to their wedding gown. When shopping for Virgo, go for flowing frock.


Venus rules Libra which is symbol of beauty. Choose flits decorative items and feminine designs. Get rich, detailed fabrics such as beautiful lace or satin with attention-grabbing accents. Sheer panels, low V-necklines, embroidered lace, curve-hugging silhouette and sheer bodice are perfect.


Scorpio bride should avoid overly feminine designs. , Ruffles, floral motif and embellishments are not their style. They should add accessories that are compatible with their dress. It includes a choker and high heels.


Sagittarius brides are passionate and extrovert. So, they should have playful style that makes them prominent. This fire sign is brave but not overtly sexy.


Uranus rules Aquarius. This planet rotates in a different direction than rest of the planets. People with Aquarius sign do things according to their own way. The brides with this sign dress up for themselves and not for others. Go for bold designs and lots of sparkle.


The Pisces bride would love having soft draped layers of fabric that are comfortable and flowing, not stiff or harsh. Loose-fitting bodice is simply perfect.

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