The Pt Guarantee Real Results for Life


We Guarantee Your Results!

If you decide to hire a Personal Trainer after your fitness consultation or at some time during your membership at our facilities, you can feel comfortable in the fact that our Personal Training programs are guaranteed! We offer a variety of programs and packages to accommodate your schedule and financial needs, so feel free to ask one of our qualified Fitness Consultants or Personal Trainers in our Personal Training Department for all the details.

We Focus on Educating You!

The PT Guarantee takes personal training to another level. It takes all of the guesswork, misconceptions, and uncertainties out of attaining real and sustained results. Each client of our program will be provided with a Personal Training Log Book, at no additional charge, which will track all your nutritional and training information. Our Trainers will educate you on the type of nutritional program and exercise program that will best aid you in attaining your goals and then teach you how to successfully track your progress in your Log Book.

Our Trainers will work with you in areas of motivation and intensity, education and technique, safety and flexibility, nutrition and supplementation. By focusing on educating you in all of these areas throughout your training program, and making required changes as needed, our trainers will deliver results each and every time!

100 % Results Guaranteed!

Depending on your level of commitment and the type of program you choose, we will guarantee as much as 100% results in a specified period of time. These results will be clearly measured and defined through our Fitness Assessments – Goals and Results Sheet. You will have the opportunity to choose up to 4 specific areas that you want to see a definite improvement in. You will then be given a realistic timeline and specific goal measurements so you can clearly measure your success. If we are not successful, we will provide you with additional free training and membership time because we stand behind our product and our knowledgeable staff!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and discover why sound training techniques and nutritional knowledge is the only route to guarantee real results for life. Congratulations on your decision to get started on your wellness program. Our Prescription Fitness Program is your guide and tool to accomplishing all of your short and long term goals.

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