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Welcome to our exclusive high fashion costume designer jewelry collection featuring glass and beads, gemstones, Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones (amber, turquoise, amethyst) and holistic healing stones with silver and copper. That combine to give a magical effect of light, color and richness.

Finding a unique gift on those special occasions can be a tricky business, but that is what this site is all about, helping you with ideas for the right jewellery gift for the right occasion, be it birthdays; an anniversary; weddings; valentines day; a present for a girlfriend or perhaps a “ making up” token for best friends. All available to buy online in our mail order shop.

Be it unusual beautiful neon-Victorian swarovski crystal beads necklaces, bracelets or designer earrings. all our costume jewellery has been artfully handcrafted using stained glass and gemstones.

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You don’t necessarily have to be dressed to wear it! In the 17th century a fashionable woman always wore her earrings whether dressed or undressed. It’s the first thing I put on in the morning and the last to be taken off at night. Its still true in the 21st century.

Romantic Silver
So how do we know we have got it right? Because firstly I have literally scoured the market to find the best original romantic contemporary items and secondly we are women and generally speaking:

“Women know what women want”!
Don’t miss out this Valentines and Mothers Day.

Gentlemen – forget the flowers, say it with jewelry. My favorite costume necklaces have been bought for me as presents by my husband, who was sometimes guided to those special pieces and at others as a wonderful surprise anniversary or Valentines present.

glass and beads necklace
You may feel that you don’t know what your lady would like but be bold and have the courage to look through the following hand picked designer collection handmade from gemstones,glass and beads, semi precious stones and crystals while thinking of her. You do have taste or you would’t be looking here.
Sending a gift by mail order Let us include a hand-written card with your personal message for the Lady.

So make life easy for you, select the right quality gift and then enjoy the reaction. All available in our secure on-line shop.

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